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We can repair teeth that have been compromised with a dental crown. A crown resembles a cap for your tooth, it is a covering that entirely wraps and protects the entire surface of a tooth. This protection allows a weakened tooth to look and function just like the natural tooth. Tooth crowns work by providing strength to a tooth and protecting the existing structure, this will greatly extend the life of the tooth longer than it would be with a filling or another restoration. Our staff at Tyson Smiles are happy to answer your questions about the placement of a dental crown.

Common Reasons for Choosing a Dental Crown

We place dental crowns to correct a variety of issues that can occur with your teeth. The most common reasons include:
•  The repair of teeth that have multiple tiny fractures, this may be due to bruxism
•  The repair of teeth that have been broken
•  The repair of teeth that have been severely damaged due to decay
•  To enhance the look of teeth and cover up cosmetic imperfections
•  To provide strength to a tooth following a root canal procedure

Standard Dental Crowns

Dentistry is constantly advancing, variations on dental crowns along with it. There are three main types of dental crowns available. We can discuss alternatives with you based on your needs. Together, we will choose the right tooth crown medium for your mouth:
•  Ceramic: Ceramic is a preferred option by most patients because it is one of the most aesthetically pleasing options. With advances in products, ceramic is not restricted to just the front teeth, they can be used for back teeth also. Ceramic crowns are composed of zirconia or lithium disilicate.
•  Gold: Gold crowns are long known for being extremely durable. Most dentists will tell you that they are best suited for the back molars because they are strong and in the back they cannot be seen. Many patients do not love the idea of having a bright gold tooth. We find that gold crowns are useful for people who clench or grind their teeth. Patients also like the feel of gold crowns, they tend to be most similar feel to your natural teeth, allowing the tissue to quickly adapt to the restoration. Dentists also like that gold crowns require a minimal amount of your natural tooth structure to be removed for placement.
•  Porcelain Fused to Metal:This crown features a metal base that has had porcelain baked onto the outside. Patients like that natural tooth color with the knowledge that a strong metal base is beneath. This type of crown is very durable. What patients may not like is that this type of crown has been known to chip, exposing the metal.

Placing your Dental Crown

The placement of a dental crown generally takes a minimum of two dental appointments, more depending on the restoration work that is needed. Your first visit will be to remove any decay or debris. With a clean, healthy tooth, we will then prepare the tooth by shaping the surface allowing it to receive a dental crown. With the tooth shaped and ready, we will take an impression using a mold of the area. This allows him to submit the mold to dental lab where your customized crown is fabricated. He will place a temporary restoration on the prepared tooth in the meantime. Your new crown will take approximately two weeks before it is ready.

At your follow-up appointment, we will remove your temporary crown, cleanse the area again, and then carefully place the permanent one in place. During this time, we will continuously check the tooth for proper fit, anything that may be uncomfortable, and ensuring that your bite and the spacing is correct.

After your appointment, we'll encourage you to follow up with us regularly. While proper oral hygiene is essential, you'll also need regular dental care to ensure that your crown is in the best possible shape.

For more information on dental crowns, contact Tyson Smiles at our Vienna, Virginia 22182 office. (571) 758-5889
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