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Dental Crown Vienna VA

Quality oral health is one of the essential health care that patients need. Every person deserves a healthy smile and happy teeth. At Tyson Smiles located in Vienna VA, the aim is to provide a lifelong dentistry relationship with patients by giving them the best services. Tyson Smiles utilizes the top and latest dental friendly technology in ensuring optimal results. Additional highly qualified dentists with incredible knowledge of cosmetic and restorative dentistry make it the best facility in the dentistry art. Some of the services offered at Tyson Smiles include sedation dentistry, gum recession, veneers, soft tissue laser treatment, dental implants and same day dental crowns. This article will discuss Dental crown and the dental procedure involved.

Tooth decay, cracking or discoloration is common problems associated with tooth weakening. To make sure there are no more problems, the crown is needed as a filling may be insufficient. Crowns are manufactured from porcelain, gold or a mixture of metal and porcelain Installing a crown in important as it matches with the rest of the teeth’s shade making you have a natural smile again. On the first visit to the dentist, the enamel will be filled up for the crown to be put in place. A mold is then taken of the tooth and the surrounding tooth and sent to the lab for a new crown to be made. You will be fitted with a temporary crown before the permanent is ready. After about two weeks the permanent crown will be ready, and a local anesthetic will be used to numb the area for the tooth to be set in place.

Dental Crown in Vienna VA

At Tyson Smiles we have CEREC technology that creates top tier crowns faster allowing the restoration of a smile on the single appointment. The technology involves 3D picture generation using the computer after removing the decays and spraying fine powder on the teeth. The CEREC machine designs a new crown restoration which is then put into place. Crowns restoration is vital as the crowns are durable lasting for about ten years. Take care of the restored teeth crown by regular flossing and blushing so that your smile lasts longer.

In conclusion, Tyson Smiles gives an enjoyable and exceptional experience to their patients. Their primary focus is improving your oral beauty and health that will put a smile back on your face. If you are looking for quality dentures, Dr. Barakat is the best when it comes to dental crown care. Dr. Hisham Barakat is one of the top dentists in northern Virginia having undergone specialized dentistry training to provide the best services. He is assisted by top specialist dentists and an-on site anesthesiologist to put patients on sleep during the treatment.  Whether you are looking for a dental crown in Vienna VA on Maple Ave. or Beulah road Visit Tyson SMiles today to get back to the life of optimal oral health and have your smile again.


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