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Porcelain veneers are very thin shells of porcelain custom made to fit your teeth. The veneers are intended to cover the front surface of the teeth thus improving the appearance of teeth. Dentists secure porcelain veneers to the front side of your teeth using a strong, light-activated adhesive. Often patients go for the procedure for cosmetic purpose.

The procedure entails removing a minimal amount (usually less than one millimeter) of enamel from the tooth. The scraping of the enamel creates space for the veneer to fit accurately and restore a natural appearance. Dentists use a light-sensitive resin to adhere the veneer to the tooth. A special light hardens the adhesive binding the veneer permanently to the tooth.

Dentists recommend veneers to conceal certain kinds of imperfections on teeth and give a whiter and more attractive smile. The veneers also provide the teeth with a consistent appearance.

Porcelain veneers rectify teeth conditions such as:

  • Discolored teeth
  • Worn down teeth
  • Misaligned, uneven or irregular shaped teeth
  • Gaps within teeth
  • The veneers are sturdy and long lasting, but you should treat them with care just as you do your natural teeth.

Maintenance of Porcelain veneers

After a dental cosmetic procedure, you need to take care of your veneers. It is actually simple; treat the veneers as you would your original teeth. Maintain your routine brushing and flossing. Usually, your dentist will recommend non-abrasive fluoride toothpaste.

Your dental expert will schedule a follow-up visit one week after the procedure. During the visit, He or she will evaluate your teeth and the success of the procedure. Resist any temptations to miss this visit; it is crucial for the health of your teeth. It is also good that you visit your dentist twice or thrice a year for teeth polishing and inspection for any signs of failure.

The benefits of Porcelain veneers:

The teeth veneers offer some benefits to patients.

1. Long lasting dental solution

Porcelain veneers offer patients a durable dental solution. The veneers can last for 10 to 15 years and some exceed this time. The longevity of the veneers depends on the effectiveness of the patient’s dental care at home and correct care for veneers. In fact, some patients boast the long duration their porcelain veneers have lasted.

2. Natural look

Porcelain veneers closely resemble the look of the natural tooth. Porcelain and tooth enamel are both white and translucent. Porcelain reflects light in the same way the enamel does. The result of porcelain veneers is a very natural smile.

3. Impressive results

You can always expect breathtaking results with dental veneers. The veneers offer flawless and natural-looking results on your teeth. Thanks to the customizable nature of porcelain veneers, your dentist can deploy his or her skill and expertise to create you a new smile. An experienced dentist will determine best material and combination of features (such as shade of white, length or veneers, etc.) to create you a natural and beautiful smile.

4. Restore the strength and functionality of teeth

Porcelain is a strong and long-lasting material for teeth veneer. The bonding material is also strong and durable. The combination not only strengthens your teeth but also restores their functionality. This means that your teeth are less likely to chip, break or fall off with time. However, this depends largely on your routine dental care regime.

5. Improve your smile and boost your confidence

Porcelain veneers make your smile and teeth appear more natural, bright and healthy. This way you do not have to hide or feel embarrassed to show off your beautiful smile. Thus, Porcelain veneers boost your confidence.

6. Stain resistance

Porcelain is a ceramic. This means that stain-producing substances do not adhere to its surface, they roll off the porcelain surface. Porcelain veneers are naturally resistant to stain meaning that your teeth will always remain clean and bright. Confidence and positive self-esteem are important in day-to-day life – meeting new people, going for opportunities, try new things and improve how you feel about yourself.

Porcelain veneers offer many benefits. Therefore, if you are looking to improve your smile, you can visit Dr. Barakat for quality porcelain veneers. Dr. Barakat is the best when it comes to porcelain veneers in Tysons Corner VA.

Mukhtar Ahmad Niazi
Mukhtar Ahmad Niazi
00:14 22 Nov 18
Love the beautiful office in the great and convenient part of Tyson’s. The staff at Tyson Smiles are amazing, professional and friendly. I have been visiting this location for over a year now. All my visits are so easy. I recommend everyone to visit this great team, especially Dr. Abady. Thank you Tyson Smiles 🙂
Ivy Jin
Ivy Jin
21:02 17 Dec 18
I came in for Invisalign. My teeth look so different after the treatment. Professional and patient doctor, friendly and responsible staff. I will recommend this office!
An Wi
An Wi
22:07 30 Aug 18
I am a newcomer to Tyson Smiles and have had only polite, professional and upbeat interaction with the entire staff. I highly recommend them to everyone.
Diamond Nicholas
Diamond Nicholas
14:41 21 Sep 18
This is a great office, Dr. Abady does great work and very communicative. This office and Dr. Abady will be permanent for me. Thanks for your great work and service.
shannon anderson
shannon anderson
23:44 06 Sep 18
Much care was taken ensuring that I was happy with the results of my teeth whitening.
Ranju Kohli
Ranju Kohli
05:03 11 Feb 19
The office is very clean, and the staff is very friendly and caring. I work in Tyson Corner, therefore, the location is very convenient for me. I made an appointment between meetings at work. I did not have to wait at all and was done well in time. Dr. Maqsood Chaudhary did a splendid job on my teeth, explained what I needed to do differently. What impressed me most was his compassion for Special Needs individuals. Not many dental offices would see them because of the challenges involved. I saw his nursing staff work with these individuals with utmost compassion and care. God bless him.
Shruti Mishra
Shruti Mishra
00:03 14 Feb 19
Awesome doctors! Highly recommended!
Eman Marcellino
Eman Marcellino
18:19 28 Mar 19
Service was amazing and they explained the whole process and all the pros and cons along with options that I have. - I highly recommend Dr. Abady
Diana Cruz
Diana Cruz
12:09 11 Apr 19
Staff is always very friendly and welcoming, especially the hygienists. Dr. Abady is great and very patient. Would recommend this office!
Mac Safi
Mac Safi
18:36 28 May 19
5-Star all the way to the staff of TysonSmiles, I dread going to dentist and usually skip my dental health but after going to TysonSmiles my whole perception changed from the very first phone call to the office to book my appointment to finishing my dental treatment. Bella my hygienist was awesome, and she truly care about her patient’s dental health. She went beyond her routine to make sure my cleaning was done thoroughly. My second visit was quickly scheduled, and the office manager was great and courteous in accommodating my hectic schedule for next visit. Dr. Abady’s knowledge and gentle care took the anxiety out of me and kept me informed as he performed his procedure. I highly recommend his office for your future dental health. I have nothing but praise for the whole TysonSmiles team. Thank you for what you guys do.
Kiersten Washle
Kiersten Washle
12:41 29 May 19
Very friendly team, convenient parking, and great service. The team walked me through all the processes and billing items. They seem to genuinely care about their clients.
Evan Winfrey
Evan Winfrey
18:36 25 Jun 19
Awesome office with great people! Bella my dental hygienist was incredible and I will be going back there every time.
Ana Ritz
Ana Ritz
15:59 17 Jul 19
My experience at Tyson Smiles was wonderful. Everyone I interacted with was kind, helpful, and went above and beyond to make my experience wonderful. The dental assistant gave me a tour and informed me of the procedures of my appointment. The receptionist helped me sort out an insurance difficulty. The dental hygienist, Bella, was wonderful as well! She took great care in showing me the pictures of my teeth and gave me great advice on how to improve my personal care of my teeth. She was awesome! Dr. Salari also explained everything going on in a very approachable way. I highly recommend Tyson Smiles for anyone who needs dental care, and make sure you see Bella as your dental hygienist!
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